Lee Brodhurst-Hooper

Age of Expectation

We’re all here with the primal expectations of procreation, and to provide apparently. For men, these expectations have blurred, with the big decision- making coming later on life. 

The Age of Expectation was a series of anthropological sessions is a series of 20-something and 30-something men living in urban areas. The red thread that bound them together was their redefined ideals – having the time to reflect, aspire and procrastinate in a time which for previous generations was about setting up home, settling down and having children.

In each of the sessions photography was the unspoken element, with the focus being on a 2-way discussion on masculine expectation what it implies.

Masculine identity dominated conversations, where together we scratched below the surface to find raw and genuine emotion, feelings and meaning.

“I feel like with some blokes, you have to man it up, be more of a traditional man. It’s like standing your ground, putting up that boundary”

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